Key Coalition

The Beautification committee announces upcoming Clean Up/Shred dates and Call to Action request:

A Call to Action

We need Key Coalition residents to advocate for street cleaning in our neighborhood.


Call 311 or download the app and submit a request, not just for you street but for the entire blocks that are in Key Coalition.

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Key Coalition needs neighbors like you to build a stronger community. Join a committee and help get things done.

The Beautification Committee

Helps organize three clean up events each year. These include events like the Urban Cleanup, 3rd District cleanup day and Fall cleanup. They also help develop and advocate for solutions to trash problems, illegal dumping and ideas for PIAC submissions.

Community Service

Helps organize events like Rock the block, Global Youth Service Day, Holiday giving and Adopt a Neighborhood events.


Helps with events like Family Fun Day, the Holiday Lighting ceremony and annual Christmas party.


Works on the quarterly newsletter, calendar and helps recruit and organize block captains.

Housing and Community Development

Focuses on abandoned/nuisance properties and working with Developers.

Block Captain

Communicate and distribute information about the neighborhood and events. They can be responsible for one or more blocks.

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